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Your Israel Adventure Starts Here

Welcome to We Kibbutz, where YOUR Israel adventure begins.

Kibbutz comes from the Hebrew word - To Gather.

We Kibbutz is the starting point for your next Israel experience. 


Find where YOU belong in Israel:

Experience Specialized  Internships,

Join Unique Volunteer Programs, Learn to Speak Hebrew or

Participate in World Class Academic Courses.

Find YOUR passion in Israel with We Kibbutz



We Kibbutz is a joint partnership between the Kibbutz movement and Masa journey. Here you can find information about amazing options for your ideal Israel experience. We Kibbutz offers an array of programs that vary in range for age, duration and type of experience. 


Each We Kibbutz program was created  to give you a perspective on real life in Israel by enabling you to be part of  life here.


Each of our programs offers a unique approach for introducing Israel:

You can volunteer in a Kibbutz with KPC;  focus on Hebrew studies with Kibbutz Ulpan choose from one of our tailored made programs - Maslool or Gap year; or send time with a youth movement or camp with Habonim Dror or Camp Hallelujah.

Have a life changing experience - meet new people from all around the world, live in Israel and feel at home.

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We Kibbutz Programs:

We Kibbutz offers an array of programs that are perfect for your next Israel adventure.  

Discover more about our array of exciting programs below:

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The Kibbbutz movement

“The Movement” is the central headquarters representing all of the kibbutzim in dealing with government and regional authorities on all levels. 

In addition, the Movement supplies a variety of services related to different aspects of daily life.

Masa Israeli

Masa Israel Journey is the leader in immersive international experiences in Israel for young adults (18-30). Our diverse portfolio of study abroad, internship, service learning, or Jewish studies programs help you grow—as a person, a professional, and a leader— while also developing a robust global professional network. Since its founding in 2004 by the Prime Minister's Office of the Government of Israel, together with The Jewish Agency for Israel, over 120,000 young people from more than 60 countries have participated in Masa Israel programs.

The Jewish Agency

a pioneering educational movement whose mission is to effect meaningful, long-term educational and social change in Israeli society in order to promote solidarity, social activism, democracy and equality.


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